Weather Vocabulary

Sun leading to cloud then to an umbrella.

Words we use when talking about the weather

WEATHER (pronounced ‘wɛðə) Noun
  1. The state of the atmosphere at a particular place and time as regards heat, cloudiness, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc. “If the weather’s good we can go for a walk.”
  2. Verb: To wear away or change the appearance or texture of (something) by long exposure to the atmosphere. “His skin was weathered almost black by his long outdoor life.”
  3. To come safely through a storm (a ship). “The sturdy boat had weathered the storm well.”


celsius farenheit air
avalanche balmy below
below freezing black ice blizzard
blustery breeze calm
chilly clear climate
cloud – cloudy cold cold front
cold spell condensation cool
current cyclone degrees
depression dew disturbance
doldrums downpour drift
drifting snow drizzle drought
dry dust storm dusty
evaporation fair flash flood
flood flurry fog – foggy
forecast freeze freezing cold
freezing rain front frost
gale global warming greenhouse effect
ground fog gust – gusty hail – hailstones
haze – hazy heat heat wave
high hot humid – humidity
hurricane ice – icy icicle
leeward lightning low pressure
mild minus – negative moisture
monsoon muggy normal
overcast ozone layer partly cloudy
polar front precipitation pressure
prevailing wind puddle rain – rainy – raining
rainbow raindrop sandstorm
scattered scorching sea breeze
shower slush – slushy smog
smoke snow – snowing snowfall
snowflake snowstorm squall
steam storm – stormy subtropical
sun – sunny sunrise sunset
sunshine surge swell
temperate temperature thaw
thermometer thunder thunderstorm
tornado tropical storm turbulence
twister typhoon unstable
visibility warm weather
whirlwind wind chill factor wind – windy

Clouds, rain, sleet and lightning.

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