Kitchen Vocabulary

ma standing in a restaurant kitchen

Words to use when you are in the kitchen.

KITCHEN (pronounced = k’ɪtʃɪn) – Noun

A room or area where food is prepared and cooked.
Synonyms: cooking area, galley, cookhouse, bakehouse, scullery.


apron baking dish boiler bottle opener
bowl bread basket bread board bread knife
broom butter dish cake stand cake tin
carving knife casserole dish cereal bowls cheese grater
chest freezer chopping board cling film coffee pot
colander cookbook cooker / stove corkscrew
counter top crockery cupboard cups & saucers
cutlery deep fryer dessert spoons dinner plates
dish-cloth dishes dishwasher drainer
draining-board dustpan & brush egg-cup egg timer
electric plug extractor fan flour sieve fondue set
food processor freezer fridge fridge-freezer
frying pan funnel garlic-crusher glasses
glass-ware gravy-boat grease-proof paper grill
hot plate ice bucket ice-cream scoop ice-tray
jars jelly-mold jug juicer
kettle kitchen knives kitchen roll kitchen towel
knife sharpener knives & forks ladle lids
liquidizer / blender microwave oven milk jug mincer
mixing bowl mop & bucket mugs napkins
nut-cracker oven / stove oven gloves paper towels
paring knife pastry brush pepper pot pestle & mortar
pie slice pizza cutter place mats plastic bags
plastic containers plates potato masher potato peeler
pots / pans pressure cooker ramekin dishes recipe book
refrigerator roasting tin rolling pin rubbish bin
salad bowl salt-cellar saucepan scales
scissors scourer serviettes serving dish
serving spoons shelves side plates sieve
silverware sink slow cooker soup bowls
soup spoons spatula spices sponge
steak knife steamer steel wool stew pan
strainer sugar bowl table table-cloth
tablespoons tea strainer tea towel teapot
teaspoons timer tin tin-foil
tin-opener toaster toasting fork tongs
tray tumblers tupperware utensils
vegetable rack vegetable slicer washing machine washing-up liquid
water heater whisk wok wooden spoon


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