Words, Names, Vocabulary…


Lists of everyday words in English.

Vocabulary is something which must be self taught, a little at a time.

A good way is to write out five new words every day and repeat them over and over again until they are burnt into memory. Start with the list of 1,000 Words, marking each word as it is learned.

Word cloud relating to beautiful adjectives.

At the start of each new list, give the students five words for the day and tell them to look in the dictionary for the meanings in their native language.

Next day, using the correct pronunciation, repeat each word several times and have the students write them in phonetics (Dictonetics™). Dictonetics™ lessons will be available in the Store shortly (2018).

Students should write a simple sentence in English for each word, using the word in a way that will help them remember what it means. With this sort of practice they will soon memorize lots of vocabulary.

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