Verb To Go

The meanings of the verb to GO are:

  1. To move towards a place / To proceed to somewhere.
  2. To leave a place. / To depart from somewhere.

Synonyms for the verb to GO: Advance, proceed physically, function, operate, drive, move.
NOTE: The word ‘Go’ can also be used as a noun to mean activity or animation.


The conjugation of the verb to GO / gəʊ /


Present Past Future
Simple I go I went I shall go
Continuous I am going I was going I will be going
Perfect ** I had gone I will have gone
Perfect Continuous I have been going I had been going I will have been going
Conditional I would go I would have gone I may go
Conditional Continuous I would be going I would have been going I may be going


**NOTE: You cannot say in English “I have gone” because if you have “gone” then you are not here to say so.
Instead you should say “I have been” which means that you went somewhere, and you have returned.


Present Past Future
Simple I don’t go I didn’t go I shan’t go
Continuous I’m not going I wasn’t going I won’t be going
Perfect I haven’t gone I hadn’t gone I won’t have gone
Perfect Continuous I haven’t been going I hadn’t been going I won’t have been going
Conditional I wouldn’t go I wouldn’t have gone I might not go
Conditional Continuous I wouldn’t be going I wouldn’t have been going I might not be going

There are many phrasal verbs that use the verb to GO. Here are some of the most often used:

  • go ahead – to start or proceed. e.g. We should go ahead with the project.
  • go away – to leave or depart. e.g. Why don’t you go away and leave me alone?
  • go back – to return. e.g. What time do you have to go back to work?
  • go off – to make a loud noise or to explode. e.g. A bomb went off outside the Embassy.
  • go on – to happen. e.g. What is all that commotion going on outside?
  • go out – to spend time with someone socially e.g. Are you going out with John tonight?
  • go over – to re-check or review. e.g. We will go over this lesson again tomorrow.


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