Verb To COME

The conjugation of the verb to Come / kᴧm /

The main meaning of the verb to Come is:

  1. To move towards something.
  2. To approach someone.
  3. To advance.
  4. To arrive somewhere.


Synonyms for the verb To Come: Appear, arrive, become, enter, materialize, move, reach.


Present Past Future
Simple I come I came I shall come
Continuous I am coming I was coming I will be coming
Perfect I have come I had come I will have come
Perfect Continuous I have been coming I had been coming I will have been coming
Conditional I would come I would have come I may come
Conditional Continuous I would be coming I would have been coming I may be coming



Present Past Future
Simple ** I didn’t come I shan’t come
Continuous I’m not coming I wasn’t coming I won’t be coming
Perfect I haven’t come I hadn’t come I won’t have come
Perfect Continuous I haven’t been coming I hadn’t been coming I won’t have been coming
Conditional I wouldn’t come I wouldn’t have come I might not come
Conditional Continuous I wouldn’t be coming I wouldn’t have been coming I might not be coming

** In English we often use the Conditional Tense instead of the Present Simple,
therefore we do NOT say “I don’t come” but we say “I am not coming”.
We also use this form when someone asks: “Where are you”?
We answer “I am coming” to mean that we are ‘on our way’ (moving towards that person).

There are many phrasal verbs that use the verb to Come. Here are some of the most often used:

  • come across – find by chance, e.g. I came across a new plant in the garden.
  • come back – return, e.g. I have recently come back from my trip to Paris.
  • come down with – become ill with, e.g. I think I am coming down with a cold.
  • come into – inherit, e.g. I came into some money when my father died.
  • come out – to appear, to be seen. e.g. The sun comes out early in summer.


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Also there are several British idioms which use the verb to Come.

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