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How do I start – Step 1:

Use the translation tool in the sidebar for translating these pages. Do NOT use it for your lessons. The reason for this is that you need to learn to think in English, it will improve your fluency.

How do I start – Step 2:

As you do the lessons, especially when you say each word aloud, your brain will start to associate the word with its meaning in the sentence and you will remember it naturally. A large part of learning is memorizing (or “learning by heart” as we say in English).

How do I start – Step 3:

Next you need to have a good dictionary and a pronunciation guide. Although you should not translate whilst you are doing the lessons, you should first know what each word means and so you must have a good dictionary. Pick one that has a phonetic description after each word. The reason for this will be explained later on the Pronunciation page.

How do I start – Step 4:

Make a PLAN… Your plan should fit in with your life style. Perhaps you only have two or three hours a week that you can spare to practise English, perhaps more. This is most important. Make your plan and follow it. Even just one lesson every week is better than one lesson this week and then none for the next three weeks.

How do I start – Step 5:

Whatever plan you decide on, you need to stay with it. Don’t give up half-way. In the beginning it will be difficult, but keep going and you will get results. The amount of time you spend is up to you, but you must have the discipline to spend that same amount of time over and over again. An hour a week isn’t bad, but an hour a day is better.
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