Why Not Start Speaking English Today?

Would you like to speak English?

English can help you to get a better job and earn more money….
English can make traveling easier, more fun…
English can open up a whole new world for you…

If you are reading this, then you already understand a lot of English, but perhaps that is not enough. After all, English is the main language of business and the internet all around the world. Millions of people today are learning English as a second language.

Why not join the ranks of people who learn English so that they can earn more money? You could improve your education and your C.V., make friends in other countries and generally benefit more from life.

Would you like to be able to take lessons, but don’t have the time to go to classes?

Maybe you have tried classes, but you didn’t understand very much.
Individual private lessons with a native teacher can be quite expensive.

So, why not teach yourself ?

Two excellent ways to teach yourself English are:

  1. Use the Learn English Now Complete Course of lessons. Just register on our lessons page and get the first 12 Beginners lessons FREE.
  2. Listen to these Phonetic sounds and practice them using Lesson A0.02 in your FREE Beginners pack. This is the best way to learn correct English pronunciation.

These two steps are very important. Firstly you need to know at least some grammar, in order to be able to form sentences correctly. Then, Phonetics are very important because English is not pronounced in the same way that it is spelt. So, the problem with simply buying a book is that you might learn to read and write the language, but you won’t get the correct pronunciation.

The best way to learn Phonetics is to listen to the pronunciation often. Use a site like the British Council, and then do Lesson A0.02 from your FREE Beginners Pack. Once you know about Phonetics you will be ready to start learning some words (vocabulary) and the best way to do that is to begin with every-day objects.

Start with small things that you can put on a table in front of you – a pen, a pencil, a book, a mobile phone, etc. Pick up each one in turn and repeat its name in English, stressing the correct pronunciation; (using your dictionary and your phonemic chart).

You can also choose objects from around the room such as a table, a chair, a picture, the wall, the ceiling, the window, the door, etc. A good trick for learning the name of an object is to write it on a piece of paper (or a Post-It note) and put it on the object. Then each time you walk past it, repeat the name to yourself several times. If you repeat the word often enough, the name will stick in your mind and you will also remember how to pronounce it correctly.

After learning the names of some objects, ask yourself what it is.
For example: “What is this?” and then give yourself the answer.
For example: “This is a pen.” Do this with each object that you want to memorize.

The next step, is to pick up the wrong object.
For example, pick up a book and ask: “Is this a pen?”
The answer this time will be “No, it isn’t a pen, but it’s a book!”

This is extremely repetitive; but it works!
Can you remember learning 3 x 3 = 9 when you were in school?
I am sure that you learned all the way up to 12 x 12 = 144 and you still remember.
This is because you had to repeat it over and over again.

So go now to the Lesson page and begin to learn English with your first five lessons, which are completely free. Or, you can go to the “Where do I start?” page, and follow the steps all through this site from beginning to end.

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