Preposition Chart

Do you sometimes get confused about which prepositions to use?
Whether to use: In, On or At?
This easy-to-read Preposition Chart gives you the basics.

Remember, there are always a few exceptions (for example, we say: “In the morning”, “in the afternoon”, “in the evening”, but “at night”) so you will still need to study a little. For more on the use of prepositions, see my Post ‘Prepositions





Long periods of time. Shorter periods of time. Specific occasions.
Years. Seasons. Months. Days. Precise dates. Exact time.
In 2002. In the summer. On my birthday. At Christmas. At Easter.
In December. In two weeks. On the first day of spring At sunrise. At sunset.
Parts of the day: On the 4th May. At the weekend. At 11 am.
In the afternoon. On Tuesday. On Friday. At night. At mid-day.
In 2 or 3 hours. On time. At 5 minutes past nine.






Large areas. Countries. Smaller areas. Mountains. Exact locations. Addresses.
Cities. Towns. Villages. Roads. Streets. Transport. At Hyde Park Corner.
In England. In London. On Mt. Everest. On the M1. At the Grand Hotel.
Enclosed spaces: In a car. On the bus. On the train. At Nº10 Downing Street.
In a house. In a room. On my bicycle. At the office. At home.
Bodies of water: In the sea. Directions: Straight on. At the bus-stop.
In a swimming pool. In a lake. On the right. On the left. At school. At work.
In the air. On the table. At the door.

Use this Preposition Chart as a Cheat Sheet whenever you need to quickly remind yourself of which preposition you need. More on Prepositions can be found in Lessons A1.05 & A1.06 on the Lessons page.

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