LIVE – a verb, an adjective, a noun and a gerund.



To LIVE ( pronounced: lɪv ) is a regular verb: Present – I live, he lives, they live. Past – lived. Future – Will live.


  • You live in in a big house..
  • We lived in India before we came here.
  • He lives in the south of France.
  • She is living near the beach.
  • They are going to live in Italy.



ALIVE (pronounced: ælɑiv ) is an adjective and is the opposite of dead, i.e. If we are ALIVE we cannot be dead. It can also be used before a noun, in which case we remove the A and it becomes LIVE. i.e. He is a LIVE wire. (Meaning he is very active / full of energy.)


  • To keep plants alive, you must give them water regularly.
  • Three people are still alive, even after the earthquake.
  • He was so excited that his face became alive with pleasure.
  • You have to be very careful with live ammunition.
  • I like night clubs that have live music. (i.e. With a band, not a D.J.)



LIFE ( pronounced: lɑif ) is the noun form of live. i.e. You have a LIFE which is different from anyone else’s.


  • I have a really good life, and I am happy.
  • There can be no life without sunshine and rain.
  • Is there any life on the moon?
  • There is an old saying: It’s a hard life, but you mustn’t weaken.
  • My father is 93 but he lives life to the full.



LIVING ( pronounced: lɪvɪŋ ). A gerund is a verb which acts as a noun. We use this word to talk about our job / career / profession.


  • What do you do for a living? (i.e. What is your job?)
  • She makes a living selling shoes.
  • How can you earn a living when there are no jobs about?


Note: LIVING can also be used as an adjective.


  • LIVING allowance. (i.e. Money to pay for your day to day expenses.)
  • LIVING creatures (i.e. Animals which are alive.)


To recap:
  1. LIVE: ( lɪv ) Verb – Where do you live?
  2. ALIVE: (ælɑiv ) Adj. – Are they still alive?
  3. LIVE: ( lɑiv ) Adj. – I am going to a live concert.
  4. LIFE: ( lɑif ) Noun – We have a great life.
  5. LIVING: ( lɪvɪŋ ) Gerund – What does he do for a lving?

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