Interjections / Exclamations.

in·ter·jec·tion / ɪntəˈdʒɛkʃən /

Noun (plural: interjections) – An abrupt remark, especially as an aside or interruption.

Interjections are words or short phrases that express shock or surprise at something that has just occurred; for example: “Ouch!” / “Great stuff!” / “Oh no!”
They can also serve as simple greetings; for example: “Hi there!” / “Hey you!”

Interjections are used mainly in spoken English, especially for giving orders using the Imperative Tense; for example: “Get off!” / “Leave me alone!” / “Go to bed!”

But they can also be found in written form, where they will generally be reporting what someone else has said, through Indirect or Reported Speech.

Interjections should be followed by either a comma or an exclamation mark. Exclamation marks are used when the Interjection (exclamation) is a strong one.

ah ‘ɑ: “Ah, that’s nice. That really feels good.” — Pleasure.
ah-hah ɑ: h’ɑ “Ah-hah! Now I see what you mean.” — Understanding.
dear me d’ɪə mɪ “Dear me, what a shame, I am disappointed.” — Pity.
bye-bye b’ai b’ai “Bye bye, see you later.” — Farewell remark.
cheers ʧ’i:əz “Cheers, good health and long life to you.” — Toast.
eh ‘e “Eh! Can you speak up please.” — What was that?
er ‘ᴈ: “I should, know the, answer.” — Hesitation.
gosh g’ɒʃ “Gosh! I never would have believed it.” — Surprise.
hello hel’əʊ “Hello, how are you?” — Normal greeting.
hey / hi h’ei / h’ai “Hey there / Hi, how are you.” — Normal greetings.
hmm h’əm: “Hmm, I think perhaps you’re right.” — Thoughtful.
hurray hʊr’ei “Hip, hip, hurray! What a great result.” — Celebration.
indeed ɪnd’i:d “Indeed! So what else have you done?” — Sarcasm.
oh my ‘ɒ m’ai “Oh my! I do hope everything is O.K.” — Empathy.
oops ‘ʊps “Oops, I think I spilled my coffee.” — Accident.
ouch ‘auʧ “Ouch! That hurt, don’t do it again.” — Pain.
really r’iəlɪ “Really! It can’t be true.” — Suspicion.
uh-oh ə’əʊ “Uh-oh! I knew that would happen.” — Knowing.
umm… ‘ʌm: “Umm, I’m not sure.” — Hesitation.
well w’el “Well! What will happen now?” — Question.
whatever wɒt’evə “Whatever next! There’s always something wrong. — Disbelief.”
yummy j’ʌmɪ “Yummy! I just love ice cream.” — Enjoyment.


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