Grammar, is it important?


What English grammar do I need to teach?

Some grammar is necessary….

but just start with the basics

Students need:

  • To be able to form sentences and speak correctly.
  • To be able to explain exactly what they want to say.
  • To understand what other people mean when they speak.

The word grammar in the dictionary.

When your students start to speak English, their grammar will not be good, but as long as they have some vocabulary and the correct pronunciation, this will not matter at first.
As they progress, they will need to learn the basics of grammar, especially if they are going to be writing in English.
Learning grammar however, can be both boring and difficult, so you will probably find that the best way to teach it is in small fragments by using the Learn English Now Course of lessons.

Do you remember how you learned to speak your own language? You learned it by listening and repeating. You said the words over and over again until you got them right. So, why not teach English the same way?
The format of these lessons is ‘listen and repeat, listen and repeat’. Your students will learn by repetition and they will absorb all the grammar necessary without even realizing it.

Because these lessons are planned and written for you, the extent of your own knowledge of grammar is irrelevant. Yet the grammar included will help your students study the structure of the language, learn how to put their sentences together correctly, and speak well enough to be understood. Sign up for your free Teaching Guide here.

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