When to use GET and when to use BECOME.

GET and BECOME are sometimes confused in English.
The verb ‘to get‘ is an “all-purpose” verb and can be used to mean several different things.
For example: its general meaning is ‘to obtain’ but it can also be used in place of:
‘To earn’, ‘to reach’, ‘to arrive’, ‘to buy’, ‘to receive’, ‘to pick up’, ‘to fetch’ and ‘to become’.

The verb ‘to become’ generally only means ‘to develop’, or ‘to change into something else’.
For example: “She became more relaxed after everyone had left.”

Get and Become – Tip 1:

When the verb is followed by an ADJECTIVE, you may use either ‘get’ or ‘become’.
For example: “He got more experienced with time.” or “He became more experienced with time.”
Using ‘get’ in this way is fine in spoken English, but it is considered to be rather informal and in written work it would be better to use another verb.

Get and Become – Tip 2:

When the verb ‘become’ is followed by a NOUN and we are specifically saying that something developed or changed into something else, we don’t use the verb ‘get’.
For example: “He became President of the Club.”
We don’t say “He got President of the Club” – this would be wrong.

Get and Become – Tip 3:

The verb ‘get’ is often used in place of other verbs, when followed by a NOUN (or a pronoun).
For example: “I got a new dress last week.” (I bought a new dress last week)
or “He got a new bike for his birthday” (He received a new bike for his birthday).

You can also use ‘get’ in place of ‘have’ when you talk about something being done / made for you; in other words, when somebody else is performing the action.
For example: “I got my house painted last week.” instead of “I had my house painted last week.”
Here, again, the main difference is that ‘get’ is considered informal, and is used in spoken English more than in written English.

Get and Become – Tip 4:

If you are not sure of when to use ‘get’, it is probably better to use the original verb of choice; that way, you can’t go wrong!

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