Contronym – a word with two contradictory meanings.

CON.TRO.NYM ( pronounced ˈkɒntrənɪm )

Can also be spelt Contranym.

A contronym (contranym) is a word that can have two different or opposite meanings, depending on the situation. So, when you use a contronym, make sure that the context of the sentence conveys the correct meaning. An example of a contronym:
Sanction – can mean both ‘a penalty for disobeying a law’ and ‘official permission / approval of an action’. (Courtesy of Google Search Engine)

Apology An explanation or excuse A poor substitute for something.
Aught All (everything) Nothing
Bill An invoice for payment A monetary note.
Bolt To fasten or secure To flee or run
Bound Tied up, unable to move Moving towards a destination
Buckle To be fastened, like a belt. To bend or collapse
Cleave To stick to, adhere To break apart, separate
Clip To attach or fasten To cut from, or detach
Consult To ask for advice from someone To offer advice as a consultant
Custom A regular practice, a habit To be specially made to order
Dust A noun meaning fine particles A verb meaning to remove them
Fast Quickly, rapidly Made fast, tethered or stuck
Fine Very good, excellent Only O.K.or just good enough
First degree The least severe of burns The most severe murder charge
Gave out None left, no longer available To hand around to people
Handicap A physical disadvantage An advantage, e.g. as in golf
Hard / Hardly She worked hard (worked a lot) She hardly worked (not at all)
Hold up To cause a delay To support or lift upwards
Left Remained or stayed behind To have gone away
Model A good example A copy or substitute
Off Powered down, not ‘on’ Started or activated
Out Extinguished, not showing Being visible (the sun is out)
Peer A person who is equal to you A member of the nobility (Lord)
Quite Completely, absolutely Rather, not very much
Raise To demolish, bring to the ground To lift up, build
Refrain A tune or melody To abstain or desist
Rock A boulder or large stone To sway from side to side
Sanction To authorize, approve To ban, restrict, boycott
Screen To show (a film) To conceal or hide
Splice To join together To split apart, separate
Strike To hit something To miss a shot / to stop working
Temper To soften To strengthen
To trim To decorate (as in Xmas tree) To cut off (as in fat from meat)
Trip To fall, lose balance A short journey
Wear To deteriorate (wear out) To endure (wear well)


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