Contents of the Grammar60 Course.

G60 Read and Repeat Lesson Packs

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A0 – Beginners Level contents:

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A0.01 Phonetics and Greetings A0.07 Vocabulary – Family Members
A0.02 Alphabet and Colours A0.08 Auxiliary Verbs
A0.03 Titles and Numbers A0.09 Vocabulary – Eating
A0.04 Days, Months, Weather A0.10 Articles and Demonstrative Adjectives
A0.05 Parts of Speech A0.11 Vocabulary – Household
A0.06 Subject Pronouns and Verb To Be A0.12 Interrogatives – Questions


A1 – Elementary Level contents:

A1.01 Vocabulary Human Body A1.07 Present Continuous
A1.02 Object / Reflexive Pronouns A1.08 Prepositions of Time
A1.03 Mixed Vocabulary A1.09 Prepositions of Place
A1.04 Present Simple Tense A1.10 Singular and Plural Nouns
A1.05 Talking About Time A1.11 Countable and Uncountable Nouns
A1.06 Possessives – Apostrophe ‘S’ A1.12 Adjectives and Oppositess


A2 – Pre-Intermediate Level contents:

A2.01 Comparatives and Superlatives A2.07 Past Simple Irregular Verbs
A2.02 Comparatives II and Determiners A2.08 Present Perfect Simple
A2.03 Past Simple – Regular Verbs A2.09 Present Perfect vs Past Simple
A2.04 Adverbs of Frequency A2.10 Modal Verbs A.
A2.05 Adverbs of Time A2.11 Modal Verbs B.
A2.06 The Future Tense A2.12 Have – Have Got


B1 – Intermediate Level contents:

B1.01 Adjectives II + Ed & Ing B1.07 Adverbs Certainty – Verbs Let & Lie
B1.02 Interjections & Conjunctions B1.08 Past Perfect Simple
B1.03 Adverbs from Adjectives B1.09 Verbs: Get, Keep, Do, Make
B1.04 Past Continuous and Used To B1.10 Relative Clauses
B1.05 Zero and First Conditional B1.11 Present Perfect Cont.- For & Since
B1.06 Second and Third Conditional B1.12 Imperative Tense


B2 – Upper Intermediate Level contents:

B2.01 Gerunds and Infinitives B2.07 Passive Voice + Causatives
B2.02 Speak, Talk, Say, Tell B2.08 Dynamic & State Verbs
B2.03 Direct and Indirect Speech B2.09 Transitive & Intransitive Verbs
B2.04 Phrasal Verbs B2.10 Indefinite Pronouns – Lay & Lie
B2.05 Future Perfect and Preferences B2.11 Inversions + Prefixes and Suffixes
B2.06 Past Perfect Continuous B2.12 Punctuation


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