British and American. Know the difference…

U.K. English or U.S. English?

Can you speak both British and American? Do you know the difference? It’s the same language, but with many different words. Of course, there are other pronunciations of English spoken around the world too, namely in Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, India and the Caribbean.  See a list of all the countries where English is considered to be an official language.

Here are over 100 of the more important differences between British and American speech. This list is not complete and there are many less common differences not mentioned here. For a fuller list please consult the Oxford Dictionary online.

anti-clockwise counter clockwise articulated lorry trailer truck
autumn fall aubergine egg-plant
barrister (lawyer) attorney bill (restaurant) check
biscuit cookie block of flats apartment building
bonnet (car) hood boot (car) trunk
braces suspenders bum bag fanny pack
bumper (car) fender candy floss cotton candy
caravan trailer car park parking lot
casualty emergency room chemist, pharmacy drugstore
chest of drawers dresser bureau chips (potatoes) fries
cinema movies cling film plastic (seran) wrap
clothes peg clothes pin coffin casket
cot crib cooker stove
crisps potato chips crossroads intersection
current account checking account curtains / blinds shades
diversion detour draughts checkers
drawing pin thumb tack drink driving driving under influence
dual carriageway divided highway dummy pacifier
dustbin garbage bin / trash can dustman garbage collector
estate agent realtor / real estate estate car station wagon
film movie flat apartment
flyover overpass fringe (hairstyle) bangs
full stop period gear box (car) transmission
gear lever transmission shift girl-guide scout
ground floor first floor handbag purse
high street main street holidays vacation
jam preserves jug pitcher
juggernaut 18 wheeler lift elevator
lorry truck mobile phone cell phone
motorway freeway, expressway nappy diaper
noughts & crosses tick-tack-toe note (paper money) bill (dollar)
off-licence liquor store pavement sidewalk
pedestrian crossing crosswalk petrol gasoline
pocket money allowance post box mail box
post code zip code pram / pushchair baby carriage / stroller
recorded delivery certified mail registration plate license plate
reverse charge call call collect ring road beltway
roundabout / island traffic circle rubber eraser
rubbish garbage / trash saloon car sedan
shop store silencer (car) muffler
single (ticket) one way solicitor lawyer
spanner monkey wrench spring onions green onions
sweets candy taxi cab
tea towel dish towel third-party insurance liability insurance
tights pantyhose timetable schedule
tin can torch flashlight
trading estate industrial park trainers sneakers
transport café truck stop trousers pants
tube / underground subway vest undershirt
waistcoat vest wallet billfold
wardrobe closet wellingtons rubber boots
windscreen windshield zip zipper


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