Animals Vocabulary

Cartoon of animals wioth a dictionary.

A list of the 120 most well-known animals

An·i·mal (pronounced ˈanəməl)
  1. Noun: A living organism that feeds on organic matter, typically having specialized sense organs and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli.
  2. Adjective: Relating to or characteristic of animals. “A wide range of animal species”
ANIMALS alligator ant-eater
antelope ape armadillo
ass baboon badger
bat bear beaver
bee bison boar
buffalo bull butterfly
buzzard camel cat
chameleon cheetah chimpanzee
chinchilla chipmonk cougar
cow coyote crocodile
deer dingo doe
donkey dormouse dromedary
elephant elk ewe
fawn ferret fox
frog gazelle giraffe
goat gorilla grizzly bear
ground hog guinea pig hampster
hare hedgehog hippopotamus
hog horse hyena
iguana jackal jaguar
kangaroo koala bear ladybird
lamb lemur leopard
lion lizard llama
lynx mink mole
mongoose monkey moose
mule muskrat orang-utang
otter ox panda
panther penguin pig
platypus polar bear pony
porcupine porpoise prairie dog
puma rabbit racoon
ram rat reindeer
rhinoceros roebuck salamander
seal shark sheep
shrew skunk sloth
snake springbok squirrel
stallion tiger toad
tortoise turtle walrus
warthog weasel whale
wolf yak zebra


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