A0 – Complete Beginners eBook


The Beginners level eBooklet contains lessons on IPA Phonetics and general Greetings, Alphabet and Colors, Titles and Numbers, Days, Months, Weather, Parts of Speech, Subject Pronouns and the verb To Be, Auxiliary verbs, Articles and Demonstrative Adjectives, Interrogatives (Questions) and vocabulary regarding Family Members, Eating, and Household.
Learn English Now is written as a unique course of 60 easy grammar and vocabulary lessons, given in question and answer format. The teacher simply reads out each word or phrase clearly and distinctly, and the students learn by listening and repeating – whilst their pronunciation is monitored and corrected. They should then practice / memorize what they have learned by doing the simple exercises at the end of each lesson. So simple to use, no graphics, no games, no preparation.
The full course covers all the necessary grammar for 5 levels (Beginners thru Upper Intermediate) with 12 lessons at each level, uses the 500 most frequently spoken words in the English language and gives several pages of Vocabulary. Each lesson is 4 pages long, ideal for one hour, and has exercises (with answer key) at the end. The exercises are normally given to the students for homework.

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There are 12 lessons in each booklet, (every lesson has exercises with answers).

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